Brazil 2018


In July of 2018, my family joined Amazon Outreach to help serve in small villages along the Amazon river in Brazil. We were on a 3-decker river boat that traveled 30 [...]

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Africa Missions


"Soon after I received my license, I went to Kenya for four months.  I served at a mission hospital in Kijabi, outside of Nairobi, the capital.  People traveled [...]

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Myanmar Missions


Dr. Merlino travelled to Myanmar (formerly Burma) in February to teach eleven Burmese men to extract teeth. This was her first time working with mPower, a mission agency dedicated to [...]

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Honduras Missions


Almost every year, Dr. Merlino leads a mission trip to Honduras.  Guanaja is a small island (10 x 3 miles) and has no full-time dentist.  "We learned this [...]

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Nicaragua Mission


Dr. Merlino answered the call for an urgent request for a female dentist to join a team of other medical professionals headed to Nicaragua January 2011.  The CMDA team served [...]

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Chile Mission


"One day at the office as I was working on her mom, Erica, a Spanish major and I conversed in Español.  I suggested she could really practice her language skills [...]

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