What are ‘Services not covered by insurance?’

Each policy is different.  Some procedures may or may not be covered.  Some may be covered at a lower percentage than others. To be sure of your coverage, feel free to request a copy of your policy’s benefit schedule from  your insurance carrier.  For larger procedures such as crowns, partials, dentures, root canals, deep cleaning, etc., we will try to find out for you just what your insurance will pay.  This may mean a phone call or sending a pre-determination.  At times, we may need you to call or check with your employer or insurance company.  If we find that a procedure is not covered and that you will be responsible for the whole amount, we promise to work with you so you will be able to have the necessary work done.  No matter what type of insurance you have, you are responsible for the whole amount.  If a procedure is done and your insurance does not pay us, you are responsible and will be asked to pay for the work done.  We try not to let this be a surprise but sometimes insurance companies surprise us. They have changed their policies and have stopped paying for things that they have covered in the past. Some policies do not cover white (composite) fillings in back teeth.  As a patient you are responsible for knowing your coverage.  If you have a copy of your policy’s benefit schedule please bring it in to the office, fax it, or email it.  It MAY help to reduce the guesswork.


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